Luise Rellensmann
Jens Casper


Many people think of heritage as something that comes before us and that we take over to take care of. This, however, is not the case. Heritage is something that we are making, that we are part of creating and that is of our choice. Heritage is a proposition and not a given.

The Garage Manifesto was co-authored in a collaborative process by cultural scientists, architects, urban and regional planners, and preservationists from World heritage studies and architectural preservation within a cross- disciplinary seminar investigating a so far unattended urban typology: GDR garage complexes.

Editors/ Authors: Luise Rellensmann, Jens Casper

Contributors / Co- authors: Laura Hernandez, Nora Kokert, Melanie Kuhnlein, Lasse Schmalfuß, Justyna Sielska, Hanna Strahl, Zhuoyou (Zoey) Teng, Pawel Tucholski, Moritz Unger; Thomas Burlon, Martin Maleschka, Marc Timo Berg (tbc)

Many thanks to: Leo Schmidt (Department of Architectural Conservation BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg), Ulrich Müller (Architektur Galerie Berlin), Markus Otto (Dean Faculty Architecture, Cicil Engineering, and Urban Planning BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg), Kirsten Angermann, Thomas Burlon, Laura Hernandez, Gerburg Brilling, Rebecca Galley, Martin Henseler.
Photo: Justyna Sielska.